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 Game Update of Version v1.7!

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PostSubject: Game Update of Version v1.7!   Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:19 pm

Hello there guys! We have added the following features into the game!

1. We have increased all speed from normal walking, Running and Riding by 2

2. We have fixed the [TEST] Tag for all Beta/Testers Notification tag.

3. We have Changed some stuff on the Server Status

This was a small update, but we are working hard on many updates throughout the game and doing Maintenance on the Server as well!
We're are working hard to get the game to 100% Done!

Our Current Progress of the Game is unknown at this time so please don't ask!

New Update Coming Soon!
For New Updates you just need to replace your Exe and that will be posted on the following updates. Just Download the entire game and replace the .exe with the 1.7 one and bam you got the update! For Major Updates you will require to redownload the entire game! We shouldn't have to do a major Download for a long time though.
We will explain what to be expected in the next update as soon as we get something to release to the public/Community!
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Game Update of Version v1.7!
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